IGLA - Street Samurai Remixes EP

Shell Shock is back to you with our next release - Hardcore / Drum & Bass five tracker "Street Samurai Remixes" EP from Igla and friends.

It's time to unleash this beast! This five tracker consist of five dancefloor demolishers: Street Samurai (2023 VIP) from Igla, two Hardcore remixes from Revolxist and Vein, and two Drum & Bass remixes from Psynchro and NERVƎ!


Street Samurai (2023 VIP) by Igla is a new Hardcore rethinking of original version released in 2021. This dancefloor heater will not dissapoint you regardless of your musical preferences!


Remix by Psynchro is a supah stylish techy Neurofunk banger in the best traditions of their goosebumpy style!


Revolxist created the stormy Uptempo Hardcore remix that will smash all kind of dancefloors into peaces!


The cinematic cyberpunky vibe that NERVƎ brings into his Neurofunk version is a total masterpiese of sound design and creativity, be sure you didn't skip the second drop - you will be surprised!


And the "Cherry Bomb" at our cake is the classy Indusatrial Hardcore version from Vein, if you like the heavy, dark and gloomy music you really like it!



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