Hi, warriors! We are back with another story! This time it's a "LAZERTAG" EP from Bad District! We continue the story line about our doomed and devastated earth and this time we will talk about war machines.

OUT NOW! at all stores & streaming platforms! Also available on Bandcamp!

"Hunter" is a heavy machine that have a huge weaponary arsenal and can complete diffrent tasks at batllefield. Hunter can use the laser optics to tag a targets at the battlefield so its pilot can destroy them all at once. This technique called the "Lazertag". "Agressive Jaws" is a flurry of laser-guided missiles that covers a vast of territory and leave no chance for the enemy forces. And the final one is a seeker radar that called "Thriller" it can find any kinds of enemy machines, structers and forces so no one will be missed!

This four bangers gives a heavy arsenal to djs so they can use it to destroy their dancefloor in a diffrent ways!



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