GILAS - Devastation EP

Hi, warriors! We are back with a five tracks sci-fi story from GILAS that called "DEVASTATION".
EP consists of 3 solo tunes and 2 collabs with Aznok and Niko Mate. Sit tight and listen!

OUT NOW! at all stores & streaming platforms! Also available onĀ Bandcamp!

On a future devastated Earth, powerful, alien forces control everything and trying to destroy all that left of humanity. Their ships destroying whole cities, using their powerfull techologies. Then the devastation squads searching and exterminating survived humans.
The only hope for victory is a small squad of resitance fighters made up of gang leaders, mercenaries and ex-military. They are must assemble our army and defeat the alien forces to restore peace and our civilisation in a very dangerous world.

Choose your character, turn on the music. Let's see what kind of warrior you are!



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